May 26, 2016
Pavilion Usage and Rentals

ALL pavilions within the City's Parks System are included under a master schedule/permit program.  Reservations for the upcoming season can be made starting JANUARY 1ST.

It is recommended to call early, as reservations for weekend dates at the larger pavilions do fill quickly.  The user fee for pavilions is $30.00 for City residents and $50 for non-City residents. If you are interested in reserving one of our pavilions, please call the Parks and Recreation Office at 483-7523.

No Alcoholic Beverages Are Allowed In City Parks.

The following is a list of our pavilions under the permit system:

Allen Park - Large pavilion (seats approximately 80-90 people) when reserving this pavilion you also have access to small building adjacent where electricity and running water is available 

Allen Park - Small pavilion (seats approximately 30 people) located next to the new playground and on the same side of street at the restrooms (no electricity)

Bergman Park (seats approximately 80-90 people) - electricity available  

Chadakoin Park - Large pavilion (large capacity) - electricity available  

Chadakoin Park - Small pavilion (seats approximately 30-40 people) - electricity available

McCrea Point Park (Boat Landing)  (seats approximately 40-50 people) (no electricity) **NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2016**

Nordstrom Park - (seats approximately 30 people)  (no electricity)

A user fee is required to reserve a pavilion.  Payment of this fee must be made within two weeks of making the reservation.

Any questions, please call the Parks and Recreation Office at 483-7523.