May 24, 2016
Public Parking & Parking Meters


The City of Jamestown has two primary parking areas.  The Congested District, made up mostly of the City's central, downtown area, and the Alternate Parking Zone, which with a few exceptions, encompasses all area outside of/surrounding the Congested District.


Public parking in the Congested District is comprised of Off-street and On-street spaces, both long term and short term.  Also, in response to public appeal, an On-street FREE ZONE was established at the center of the Congested District (parking meters were removed).

Our City Code section that describes the Congested District is at: Congested District Code

Take a look at our Downtown Parking Map then read on...

Off-street spaces are in surface lots and parking garages.  Spaces are controlled by parking meters, a pay station, manned ticket booths, or by permit.  Parking permits are arranged through Allpro Parking at:  716-484-7561.

On-street spaces are controlled by parking meters and free parking signs with various time limits.  With few exceptions, on-street parking in the congested district is prohibited from 2AM-7AM.

Free Zone spaces are located at the center of the Congested District.  The zone offers a two hour free parking, cumulative time limit.  The intent of this limit, is to provide more parking opportunities for short term access, while encouraging those who spend longer periods parked in the various spaces of the zone throughout their day, to use long term options.  With few exceptions, parking in free zone spaces is prohibited from 2AM-7AM.

Our City Code section that describes the Free Zone is at: Free Zone Parking Code


Whether entering the City or leaving the City's Congested District, there are signs imparting our alternate parking law to those entering this zone.  It should be noted that there are a few locations within the zone where the alternate parking law is modified.  Additional signs are posted at these locations indicating how to park.  NOTE:  The reference to even and odd pertains to the property address number.  The side of the street with building numbers that are even, makes it the even side of the street.

Our City Code section that describes this law is at: Alternate Parking Code

Here's the sign:


Parking Meters

Rates: The current City parking meter rate is 25 Cents for 30 minutes of time. Payment is only necessary from 9AM to 5 PM weekdays. No payment is necessary on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. There is no parking in metered spaces between the hours of 2AM and 7AM unless signed with a different time period.

Common Concerns Regarding the City’s Parking Meters

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