March 30, 2015

Message from the Mayor

Dear Visitor:Mayor Sam Teresi

On behalf of our entire community, welcome to the Internet home of the City of Jamestown, New York! I am proud to present our city government's official Web site and hope that you will find it to be informative, useful and easy to navigate.

As you know, any Web site is a work in progress. We hope to update our pages frequently to bring you the most current information about our city. In the days and months to come, new content will be added to help make your dealings with City Government and other aspects of the greater Jamestown Community even more efficient and productive.

In our continuing effort to keep the public informed about various city government issues, we have provided on our new home page convenient access to site updates and current events.

Once again, we thank you for visiting us on the web. We hope that you will find the information contained on our site and the associated links to be of interest and value.


Samuel Teresi


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